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About IIWA

IIWA is an NGO working for Social & Economic Empowerment (SEE) of the underprivileged section, especially the women mostly living in slum areas of Mumbai and the other parts of India. IIWA is a registered NGO, founded by a renowned philanthropist and social activist for women’s cause Uzma Naheed.

IIWA is a team of professionals and local experts, involved in identifying and organizing handicraft groups and also upgrading their skills for making various types of products. The team, with the help of designers, provides traditional and trendy designs that have a market value with the aim of enhancing income for these women.

Causes We Support

Explore all the social causes raised by IIWA India

For Women's
IIWA Women Empowerment
For Girls
IIWA Girl Education
For Underprivileged
IIWA Help Mission

How It Works

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Our Impact

IIWA is creating a direct impact that has changed many lives.



Network expanded across India


Womens Connected

Almost 3000 women are working with IIWA



More than 150 products manufactured